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When you surround yourself with spirit that is involved from

the beginning to the end of your project, working becomes creating.

Marius Constantine


"When it is thought up, it is created and then executed."

Decontract is synonymous with reliability and commitment. We are known for our ability to overcome challenges and manufacture high quality furniture for all types of hotel projects. We tell you clearly what we are committed to and how we will do it. And most importantly, we always deliver


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Workshop manager

" It's spelled furniture but pronounced perfection. "

We manufacture our furniture with the same passion with which they were designed. We take meticulous care of every detail so that the result adapts to every need and is perfect.


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" We design beautiful and practical furniture and bring our touch to others' ideas. "

We bring a perfectionist spirit to each of our collaborations that makes the projects stand out for their quality and last over time.


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" We fit the furniture, you fill it with life. "

At Decontract, we not only manufacture, we also find a way to make your project real. We make sure your furniture arrives and is installed in the shortest time possible.